Should I Get a Lawyer for a Slip & Fall Injury?

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Slip & Fall Injury

Protect Your Rights: When to Get a Slip & Fall Lawyer in Mount Laurel, NJ

We all will fall victim to a slip, trip, and fall at one time or another. Most times, the only injury is a slight embarrassment. Sometimes there may even be a little abrasion or bruise. These types of falls are a fact of life. But unfortunately, sometimes slips, trips, and falls result in something more. Some slips and falls could result in a more severe injury. Maybe you need medical attention for your injury. Or maybe you sustain personal injuries which result in surgery or physical therapy. Some people may lose time from work due to their fall too. But in a more serious slip and falls, maybe you or a loved one suffered catastrophic results such as a brain injury, spinal cord injury, or other serious injuries. Knowing when to get a lawyer for a slip and fall injury in Mount Laurel, NJ, is essential to protecting your rights to compensation for your damages.

But often, individuals struggle with when to seek a lawyer’s advice for a slip and fall. The first piece of advice right now is that, if you are hurt and reading this page because you wonder if you need a lawyer’s help, you probably should call a slip and fall lawyer like ours at Nugent Law.

We offer:

– FREE consultations to learn whether you have a case under New Jersey law

– We defer our attorneys’ fees and only get paid after you get paid in a settlement or verdict

– We only get paid if we recover compensation for you (no win, no fee guarantee)

– Our fees are only a percentage of what we recover for you, meaning you get something back

– We pay the upfront costs and disbursements of litigation, including filing fees, court costs, expert expenses, medical record fees, and other fees in your case

– The costs and disbursements we pay are only reimbursed if we recover compensation for you

This means there is no upfront cost or out-of-pocket expenses to work with Nugent Law if you have been injured in a slip and fall accident.

If you’re still not sure if you have a case, consider the following:


Were You Injured On the Property of Another?

Slip and fall cases are a type of case known as “premises liability.” This type of case involves the property of another. The most common examples include stores, offices, government buildings, and another person’s private home. But some lesser-known examples include sidewalks, grassy areas or fields, parking lots, and communal areas like apartment building lobbies or stairwells.

Any time you are injured on the property of another person, business, or government entity, you may have a slip and fall case.


Do You Have Medical Bills?

If your injuries resulted in any type of medical treatment, you might have a slip and fall case. This is true whether your insurance paid for all of your costs, you have a copay, a deductible, or if your insurance did not cover any of it. Any time you have medical bills after a fall in New Jersey, you may have a claim.


Did You Lose Time From Work?

If you lose time from work due to the accident, doctor appointments, disability (i.e., pain from the accident), or for any other reason due to your fall, you should speak to a lawyer. You may be entitled to recover compensation for your lost wages.


Did an Insurance Adjuster Call You Right Away?

If you slipped, tripped, and fell on another person’s property and an insurance adjuster called you offering money right away, you should be suspicious. This is because of a few reasons.

First, any time you are being offered money before you ask for reimbursement or make a demand, it usually means that what happened to you was significant enough that someone is worried about it. That could be the property owner, or that could be the insurance adjuster.

Second, the fact that you are being offered money right away should be a red flag. Insurance carriers do not just give out money. Never accept the first offer. And if you are being offered money at all, you probably have a stronger case than you think and you should contact a slip and fall lawyer to review what happened. Do not sign anything, do not accept or cash any check, and call an attorney right away.


Did You Have Any of These Injuries? Call Now

If you suffered any type of personal injury on another person’s property that resulted in medical bills, lost time from work, or if an insurance adjuster already called you, you probably should seek a lawyer’s help. You most likely have a case.

However, if you are still unsure whether you need a lawyer, consider seeking legal representation if you have suffered any of these injuries from a slip and fall:

– Broken bones

– Brain injury, including a traumatic brain injury (TBI) or concussion

– Spinal cord injury, including one resulting in paralysis such as paraplegia, quadriplegia, or any other type of spinal injury

– A joint separation or dislocation

– Neck injuries or back injuries, including a slipped disc, herniated disc, annular tear, or other spinal injuries

– Organ injuries or damage

– Surgery to repair the damage, including insertion of painful hardware

– Lacerations or cuts resulting in disfigurement

– Joint replacements, either partial or full

– Nerve injuries, especially brachial plexus nerve injuries to the shoulder, and

– Any other type of injury after a fall.


Ask Our Slip & Fall Attorneys in Mount Laurel, NJ for Help

Any time you fall on the property of another person, business, or government agency and are injured, call a personal injury lawyer like one of ours at Nugent Law for help. We have over 35 years of experience representing victims and their families throughout New Jersey, especially in Mount Laurel, NJ. Learn how we can help you during a FREE consultation by calling (856) 596-9770 or using our “contact us” box available here.