Sexual Assault

New Jersey Is Harsh On Sex Offenders

It is estimated that, at some point during their lives, 20 percent of all women will fall victim to rape or other forms of sexual assault. A significant percentage of men endure sexual abuse as well. The problem is as prevalent in New Jersey as anywhere else. Even as violent crime has fallen in the state, incidence of rape increases in many years. As a result, authorities are not lenient with individuals charged with sex crimes, and seek maximum penalties.At Nugent Law, we can help. Our firm offers high-quality and results-driven representation to individuals charged with sex crimes. Based in Marlton, and serving in Camden and throughout Burlington County, we work hard to protect our clients’ rights and reputations.

Your Future Is At Stake

In addition to jail time and financial penalties, convicted offenders must register with the state, and face prohibitions on where they can live and work under a statute known as Megan’s Law — that is, a conviction will follow you for the rest of your life. The stakes are high. It is imperative to find a criminal defense lawyer who can defend your interests staunchly, and present the scope of your case convincingly.

Drawing on more than 30 years of experience in the field, we understand how to prepare for trial and achieve the most favorable outcomes. We examine every aspect of the proceedings, from the initial complaint and arrest on through the court filings; if a mistake has been made at any juncture, we will identify it and exploit it to your benefit. Our firm knows the law. We know the local jurisdiction. We know how to defend our clients against all manner of allegations and have earned a record of success for doing just that.

Learn How We Can Help

If you are facing charges of a sex crime and would like to speak with a lawyer, call Nugent Law’s offices. You can reach us at 856-596-9770 or arrange an appointment online. We offer free initial consultations, and will inform you of your options.