Dram Shop Liability

When Bartenders Overserve

Anyone who serves alcohol has a legal obligation to do so responsibly. When an establishment continues to serve individuals who are already visibly intoxicated, the business is liable for any harm the intoxicated person causes. At Nugent Law, our attorneys are committed to holding establishments responsible and helping clients receive full and fair compensation for their injuries. From our offices in Marlton and Linwood, we provide aggressive personal injury representation to individuals throughout southern New Jersey and southeastern Pennsylvania.

A Track Record Of Success

Liquor liability laws, also known as “dram shop” laws, require establishments — including bars, restaurants and private event hosts — to stop serving any person who shows obvious signs of intoxication. If you were harmed by a drunk driver who left a bar, our team is dedicated to helping you recover the maximum compensation for your injuries. We also offer assistant to individuals who have been involved in crashes after being over-served.

Insurance companies fight these cases vigorously, and that is why you need an experienced lawyer who has been highly successful in liquor liability cases. Our team has reached many favorable settlements and won numerous jury trials, including a verdict of more than $1 million for a client who was severely injured by a drunk driver.

No Fee Unless You Win

To schedule your free initial consultation, please call 856-596-9770 or send us a message online. You will not pay legal fees unless you receive financial compensation in your case.

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