Professional Malpractice

When You Are Hurt As A Result Of Substandard Service

Because they are more highly trained, professionals like doctors, lawyers, accountants, building contractors and others who provide services to the public are expected to be competent. Every profession has a code of standards that its practitioners are expected to adhere to. When their clients suffer through a practitioner’s failure to uphold the standards of his or her profession, that practitioner has been negligent and clients have the right to sue for damages. We can help. As a personal injury firm, we have developed a core competency in professional malpractice, and are adept at holding liable the parties responsible for your injuries — in fact, we have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of our clients over the years. Reach out to our offices today if you would like to speak with a lawyer.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice, also known as medical negligence, is a mistake committed by a health care provider. It arises when a provider deviates from accepted standards of care and causes personal injury or death to the patient.

There are essentially four elements that must be established in a medical malpractice claim:

  • Duty: the health care professional owes the patient reasonable and appropriate care
  • Breach: the health care professional has deviated from or fallen below reasonable and appropriate care
  • Causation: the health care professional’s deviation from reasonable and appropriate care caused or contributed to the harm, injury and/or death of the patient
  • Damages: the patient was a victim of harm, injury and/or death because of the health care professional’s mistake

Having a competent attorney on your side to help you navigate the often confusing and overwhelming issues that arise after a mistake by a health care provider is vitally important. An attorney will serve as your advocate and can assist you in getting medical expenses paid by the proper party, helping you with insurance issues and, if necessary, filing a lawsuit to compensate you for your losses due to the incident.

Legal Malpractice

Dealing with a mistake by a lawyer can be intimidating. Clients may be reluctant to question their attorney about a problem and the attorney may be less than honest about a mistake. The negligence, carelessness or recklessness of the attorney may cause financial harm to the client.

Legal malpractice cases are unique because oftentimes not only must you prove the case against the attorney, you must also prove the viability of the underlying case that the attorney handled improperly. This is referred to as proving the “case within the case.”

This is where Nugent Law can assist. We understand the law thoroughly and can help you understand the issues at hand. We work hard to keep lawyers accountable to the law.

Professional Liability And Accountants

Accountants can also be held negligent for violating the professional standards that are the customary practice of other members of the accounting profession. Should an accountant fail to file an income tax return on time, for example, causing his or her client to incur penalties, then that accountant has caused a financial injury to that client. The client is entitled to seek damages.

Liability Insurance

Most professionals whose negligence might lead to litigation carry liability insurance of some sort. Professional liability insurance will cover the legal fees involved in these lawsuits and the payout determined by the court.

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