Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

Is it Worth Getting a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident

Knowing When to Get Help From An Auto Accident Lawyer in Mount Laurel Township, NJ

Most motor vehicle accidents are an inconvenience. Even the most cautious drivers will suffer from bumper taps, scrapes, and light hits over their driving career. Most of these minor car accidents will amount to nothing more than a small repair bill, usually not above the deductible on your car insurance. But while many auto accidents are indeed a frustrating part of life, sometimes it is worth getting an auto accident lawyer in Mount Laurel Township, NJ, to review your case.

There are certain factors and considerations that should guide you to look for help from a lawyer. Here at Nugent Law, we stress that anyone who thinks they should speak with a personal injury lawyer should take the necessary steps to get their case reviewed. This is why we offer FREE consultations to hear what happened to a victim, advise them on the law and answer any questions in a no-obligation meeting with our team.

Some of the factors that we will look at in determining whether you need legal representation after a minor car accident include the following:


Was Someone Hurt, Even Slightly?

Anytime someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer. Even if you believe that injury is minor or slight, you should make sure to get medical treatment and speak with a lawyer.

This is because some very serious, catastrophic or even fatal personal injuries can start as a minor injury or ache and fester into something worse. An example is a brain bleed, a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI). A brain bleed can start as a very minor or mild headache and last for several days or even weeks. However, it can continue to get worse and cause permanent brain damage. An untreated brain bleed could even become fatal if the intracranial pressure becomes too high.

The same is true of some backaches that could be mild or a nuisance. However, they could become more significant over several weeks and months, ultimately requiring surgery to remove part of a disc or fuse parts of the spine.

Therefore, any time you are injured in a motor vehicle accident—no matter how slight—get medical treatment and speak with a lawyer.


You Lost Time From Work

Lost wages are a type of compensation that victims in a motor vehicle crash may be entitled to under New Jersey law. Any time you lose time from work due to the accident, due to your injuries, because of disability from your injuries or necessary doctor appointments, or lose work time for any other reason related to the crash, you should speak with an auto accident attorney in Mount Laurel Township, NJ.


Your Vehicle Was Totaled or Towed Away From the Scene

If your vehicle was totaled, towed away from the scene or otherwise rendered inoperable, it is important to speak with a lawyer. Not only may you have a damages claim, but it also takes a significant amount of force to total or require a vehicle to be towed away from the scene. This means that you may have suffered a more serious injury than you may believe you did in the first place. Get evaluated by a doctor and then speak with a lawyer.


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If you or a loved one were injured, even in a minor car accident, you may be entitled to compensation under New Jersey law. Please speak with one of our well-trained, compassionate and experienced car accident lawyers in Mount Laurel Township, NJ, to learn what your rights to compensation may be under the law. We offer FREE consultations and our attorney fees are only paid after we recover compensation for you in a settlement, verdict or other award.

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