Steps To Take If You’ve Been Charged

Reducing Your Potential Punishment

In New Jersey, to be charged with a crime is a serious matter. Even first-time offenders face serious consequences, including court fees, financial penalties and imprisonment. Nevertheless, there are certain steps and procedures that, if taken early on, can greatly reduce one’s punishment.

Don’t Speak To Anyone

Even if you have not been formally charged, it is important to consult with an attorney before saying anything to police officers or other authorities. In many cases, a lawyer can have allegations dismissed before any legal proceedings even take place — an attorney can protect you not only from criminal charges but from having to enter the legal system in the first place.

How To Choose The Right Lawyer

First of all, avoid anyone who promises results. Any good attorney will work diligently on his or her clients’ behalf and will know that uncertainty is part of the profession. Pretending otherwise is irresponsible.

What is most important is to find a criminal defense lawyer who has proven experience defending individuals against criminal charges, with a record of successful results. In other words, it is best to find a lawyer who does not speak of his her reputation, but whose reputation speaks for them.

Relationships also matter. Most cases don’t go to court but hinge on negotiations that take place somewhat behind the scenes. It is crucial to find a representative who is respected by local authorities — judges and other officers of the law — and has a strong working relationship with opposing counsel.

Keeping Your Record Clean

For many, the establishment of a criminal record is devastating. It can prevent you from getting a job and severely limit your housing options. Certain individuals are eligible to petition for an expungement — that is, the complete removal of any activity on your criminal record.

Expungement is not available to everyone. Namely, it is a privilege reserved for individuals who have minimal records of criminal activity in their pasts. If you are ineligible for expungement, it is especially important to find an attorney who will fight for your acquittal.

What We Do

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