Why Should You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer?

Why Should You Hire a Truck Accident Lawyer

Hiring the Right Type of Lawyer for Your 18-Wheeler Wreck Case: Our Truck Accident Lawyer in Mount Laurel Township, NJ Explains Why You Can’t Hire Just a Car Accident Attorney

Trucking accidents with commercial vehicles are not like other types of motor vehicle crashes. While it may be tempting to hire a personal injury lawyer who advertises that they handle motor vehicle crashes or auto accidents, the truth is you need to hire a lawyer who handles truck accident cases. This is because truck accidents are very different in terms of the law, mechanics, and even the medicine. Victims and their families who have suffered serious injuries after an 18-wheeler wreck should call an experienced truck accident lawyer in Mount Laurel Township, NJ, like ours.

Our compassionate and skilled personal injury team at Nugent Law can help victims and their loved ones recover compensation after a negligent truck driver or trucking company harms them. We offer FREE consultations and only have our attorney’s fees paid after we recover compensation for our client. Our experienced truck accident lawyers in Mount Laurel Township, NJ, have a proven track record of success handling big rig, 18-wheeler, semi-tractor trailer, and other types of truck crashes throughout New Jersey. Learn how we can help you during your free consultation.


Why Trucking Accident Cases Are Different

After an 18-wheeler wreck, you need a truck accident lawyer—not an auto accident lawyer. There are several important reasons for this which could all affect how much compensation you recover in a lawsuit.


Commercial Vehicles Have Their Own Federal Regulations

Motor vehicle accident lawyers all know the vehicle and traffic code. This is what is used in all types of motor vehicle accident cases, including trucking wrecks. It can be used to prove both liability and damages against a negligent motorist.

However, commercial vehicles also have a set of federal regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). These regulations set the minimum standards that trucks must follow no matter what state they are from, in, or going to. These regulations are also complicated and have many sub-sections or areas of guidance to interpret them. The regulations are also in addition to state law, adding another layer of law to handle and interpret.

A motor vehicle accident lawyer that does not know these regulations could miss out on several ways to prove liability for a victim and his or her family. These regulations can help with an investigation as well, proving claims against both a negligent truck driver and the trucking company. This is why it is imperative for victims and their families to hire a truck accident lawyer in Mount Laurel Township, NJ—and not just any type of auto accident lawyer.


Mechanics of a Truck

Commercial vehicles have a lot of unique features that are different from other vehicles. It is important that a lawyer knows what these are and how they may have caused or contributed to a crash. This specifically includes the braking system which is completely different in cars (disc brakes) versus trucks (air brakes). There are many other mechanical components that are also unique and must be fully understood to successfully advocate for a client.

Further, trucks also have an onboard computer known as an “electronic control module” or ECM. This functions as a black box. A truck accident attorney needs to know about this black box and quickly obtain it to help support a claim before a defendant downloads the data and potentially destroys it.


Medicine and Anatomy

While any motor vehicle accident could cause serious personal injuries, trucking accidents are much more likely to cause severe or catastrophic damages. This is because of the extreme force in an impact due to a truck’s high momentum. This means a truck accident lawyer will usually have more experience handling significant catastrophic injury cases like traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and other horrific damages than other car accident lawyers. The experience handling these complicated medical or anatomy cases will help victims and their families recover the compensation they deserve.

Injured in an 18-Wheeler Wreck? Make the Right Call and Hire Our Truck Accident Lawyer in Mount Laurel Township, NJ

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