When Animals Attack

Each year, 4.7 million dog bites occur in the US. One thousand people require treatment at the ER for a dog bite each day, and many others require non-emergency medical treatment. Some of the victims are strangers to the dogs and their owners, and others are family members, friends, or neighbors. Sometimes people are bitten by dogs that had never before been considered vicious.

It's popularly believed that certain types of dogs are more likely to bite than others. Pit-bulls, for example, are frequently maligned. But in reality dogs of any pedigree can be dangerous. Dogs can bite because they have a history of being abused, feel threatened, suffer from poor health and nutrition, or are just being playful. Unfortunately, many times people become victims of dog bites when they're simply in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The Effects Of Being Bitten

A dog bite can have severe effects on the life of a victim. The trauma inflicted can scar victims psychologically and physically. Medical bills from hospital treatment may leave victims in debt. While lawsuits can serve compensate dog bite victims for their expenses and pain and suffering, these claims are not easily resolved, sometimes taking months or years. An experienced legal team is essential for getting victims the money they deserve.

Dog bite victims should consult a legal professional to determine their likelihood of winning a lawsuit. For the best chances of winning in court, dog bite victims should seek legal counsel with experience in handling dog bite cases. They will have the best chance of obtaining the greatest monetary reward to the victim.

Get The Help You Need

There are many factors to consider. Whether or not the dog's owner was negligent, for instance, affects liability when lawsuits are filed.

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