When Your Rights Are Jeopardized

Charles H. Nugent Jr. is fully versed in complicated issues such as Civil Rights Litigation regarding Section 1983 and Sexual Harassment. Charles has made his reputation fighting the government when his clients are wronged and takes cases many lawyers shy away from.

Protection Against Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is a form of sexual discrimination and is forbidden by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Sexual harassment involves unwanted sexual advances or other behavior that creates an atmosphere riddled with demeaning, insulting or pornographic references to sex or your gender.

If you are the subject of sexual harassment, reach out to our firm. We will take every legal measure to stop the offenders.

Protection Against Civil Rights Violations

The Civil Rights Act states that anyone who, under state or local law, causes a person to be deprived of rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, is liable to that person. The most common disputes today involve:

  • Freedom of speech,
  • Search and seizure,
  • Police brutality,
  • Cruel and unusual punishment
  • Due process violations.

In 1961, the Monroe v. Pape case brought a new front to civil rights litigation. In Chicago's Federal District Court, six black children and their parents took action against the city of Chicago and a group of police officers, who allegedly broke into their home without a warrant, ransacked the home and made the family stand naked in the living room. The father was detained and interrogated regarding a two-day-old murder and was never taken before a magistrate. Fortunately, he was later released without any criminal charges.

It was nearly impossible to hold public officials liable under Section 1983, because it was determined that they acted under color of state law. Today, police officers are sued as having acted under color of state law for misuse of power and/or authority.

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